KIMURA SHOJI has been growing as a textile chemical trading company for a towel since 1963, supported by many people and this community.
We established "YUKEN CHEMICAL" as a manufacturing sector, and have devoted ourselves to improving our own technology.
With the accumulated technology and knowledge, we are expanding our business not only to domestic market but also to overseas market widely, providing unique and high-quality products. We always anticipate the technical trend and continue to provide the best proposal and solution for you.

Versatile network

We deal in various industrial chemicals such as textile and construction chemicals mainly. The long experience and wide range of relationship with suppliers enables us to make a proper proposition and supply wide range of products.


Familiar wth production sites

We are deeply versed in production site. Taking advantage of the expertise, we serve related equipment and rationalized working environment as well as products. Since we are cooperating with our subsidiary, "YUKEN CHEMICAL", we manage from development to manufacturing and logistics consistently and flexibly.

Cooporation with

Cooperating with DALIAN AIRI CHEMICAL, which is another subsidiary, it makes feasible cost down, new development, expansion of suppliers and on site testing, etc.